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Welcome to the wonderful world of aerial sports! If you’re the type of person who would love to be transported forward beneath a traction kite, or if you prefer to fly like a bird beneath a paraglider, you’re at the right place!

The dream of flight has been part of our collective unconscious for countless generations, but in our world of international air travel and jumbo jets, flying has become synonymous with endless waiting, tightly packed seats, bad food and constant headaches. But a unique aircraft, known as a paraglider changes all that. Never before has flight been so natural and accessible. Imagine yourself floating safely though the air in a comfortable chair, no windows, no noise, no engines, no worries… a real flying carpet! A flying carpet, it turns out, you sit beneath! That is what a paraglider is; a 10-kilo backpack that unfolds into absolute freedom, allowing you to soar through the sky like a bird, for hours on end.

But a unique aircraft, the paraglider, changes everything. Never before was the dream of flight so natural and accessible. Imagine yourself floating safely in the air in a confortable seat, no windows, no noise, no engine, no worries… Really, just like a magic carpet! Except that you’re sitting beneath it! This is what a paraglider is, a backpack of 10 kilos that unfold itself in absolute freedom and let you soar in the sky like a bird for hours.

At Altitude we offer you the chance to discover this incredible sport by enjoying a tandem initiation flight. No previous flying experience is needed on your part. Can you run 3 or 4 steps? That’s the only requirement. Strap yourself in, and let our HPAC certified pilots take you high into the sky for an unforgettable and life changing thrill! Check out our «Sled-proof» guarantee!

If like us, this is something you simply cannot live without, our instructors will then take you through the paragliding ABCs, to help you choose your equipment and then become a certified pilot yourself, allowing you to travel the skies seeing the world as never before.

Paragliding truly is the dream of Icarus made real. It is arguably the easiest, safest and most accessible form of flying in the world. So don’t wait!

But after, winter comes around… Ha! Damn winter! But don’t worry! Because at Altitude, when it’s too cold to soar the sky, we kite! Should you prefer a snowboard or skis, our instructors can teach you! We offer complete training, discovery packages, and advanced training.

Kiting is an amazing way to get a complete workout, and to «get over» the winter blues. Quebec is one of the best place in the world for kite snow et le kite ski. And to learn in the snow et the best way to progress to kite surf next summer when winds are too strong for paragliding. A kite is really a small paraglider, where a paraglider is a big kite! Why choose when you can have both!?!


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